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Assistant Professor: Chemist for LNP-mRNA drugs

School of Medicine, Emory University

School of Medicine, Emory University

The Dahlman Lab at Georgia Tech and the Emory School of Medicine ( develops nanoparticles that deliver mRNA and siRNA drugs. We design new technologies at the interface of big data, genomics, and RNA therapies. For example, the lab pioneered high-throughput nanoparticle assays that utilize DNA barcoding to quantify how thousands of distinct lipid nanoparticles deliver RNA and DNA drugs in vivo instead of evaluating them in cell culture. We are hiring a non-tenure-track Assistant Professor to develop novel chemistries for LNP-mRNA drugs.

Our work has led to high-profile publications. Since starting in 2016, the lab has published drug delivery- or gene editing-related manuscripts in Nature, Science, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, PNAS, JACS, Scientific American, and other high-impact journals. Our work has been translational, and our alumni have exciting careers. We work with leading biotechs/pharmas who want to move RNA drugs into the clinic. Our alumni are also in high demand. They have started companies, become venture capitalists, started academic labs, and work at some of the most cutting-edge biotechs/pharmas in the field.

We need an Assistant Professor to develop new chemistries for nanoparticles and other RNA delivery systems. We will hire a great chemist who is also a great teammate. An ideal candidate must be able to evaluate established synthetic routes, develop new synthetic routes, and work within a fast-paced, collaborative team of biologists, engineers, technology developers, and biochemists.

This is an exciting opportunity for a few reasons. First, you will be a member of a fun and diverse group. Our lab members have disparate educational backgrounds and come from all over the world. Second, you will develop next-generation RNA drugs, which could have a substantial impact on medicine over the coming decades. Relatedly, you will work on projects designed to reach the clinic. Third, the lab is working on the scaleup and manufacturing of LNPs; you will be on the ground floor of this new effort. Finally, the Georgia Tech and Emory School of Medicine Department of Biomedical Engineering is highly ranked (#2 for undergraduate and graduate Biomedical Engineering). It is located in Atlanta, a thriving city with major cultural, professional, and athletic institutions. Atlanta offers great weather, food, music, hiking, and biking. Our lab is located in HSRB-II, a beautiful new building embedded with biologists, engineers, and clinicians. Relatedly, >45,000 sq ft of new biotech incubator space will be completed by 2024, which will further increase our ability to translate science. Finally, the lab is a happy, supportive, and inclusive environment. We care deeply about all our lab members as human beings; in addition to the scientific work, we actively focus on how to create ideas and evaluate them quickly, how to write professionally, and how to maximize work-life balance and mental health.

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