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Master of Social Work (MSW) for Long Term Care

Vetus Foundation

Job Description: Social Services

Department: Social Services

Supervisor(s): Administrator, Regional Director of Operations

General Description:

1. Working with individual patients and their families toward adjustment to institutional life and to crises of illness, disability and death

2. Serving in an advocacy role for patients and their families in expressing, defining and resolving grievances

3. Coordinating discharge planning functions

4. Participating in developing patient care plans in cooperation with individuals from other disciplines

5. Sharing current information available about funding resources

6. Coordinating admissions to the facility, including handling inquiries and needs assessments of patients seeking admission. Making appropriate referrals if facility is not capable of meeting these needs.

7. Coordinating admission decision process for appropriate placements.

8. Completing required paperwork for admissions.

9. Maintaining inquiry log.

10. Participate in room assignments.

11. Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate community agencies (primary liaison with hospital social workers/discharge planners.

12. Participate in all required in-service training.

13. Evaluate the quality of the admission process as part of the facility’s overall quality assurance program.

14. Handle any marketing functions assigned by Administrator or Regional Director of Operations.

15. Responsible for maintaining medical records in accordance with federal, state and facility guidelines, policies and procedures.

16. Responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of health information management procedures.

17. Maintain confidentiality when releasing patient information.

18. Maintain health information management systems that help ensure timely, accurate, and complete medical records.

Personnel Specifications/Qualifications:

1. Two year’s experience in the provision of social services in a long-term care facility.

2. Experience in dealing with people in crisis is preferable.

3. Must be suited by training or experience to be responsible for arranging admissions.

4. Must have skills in working cooperatively with other professionals and have ability to organize and carry out responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

5. Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately both verbally and in writing in a wide variety of circumstances.

6. Commitment to the philosophy and objectives of the facility.

7. Ability to exercise independent judgment where procedures cannot be standardized.

8. Dedicated to the success of Senex Foundation of Nebraska, Inc.

Working Conditions:

1. Well-lighted, well-ventilated office space with privacy for interviewing.

2. Dealing with general public under often adverse conditions – many residents and families are in emotional stress dealing with issues of illness, dying, death, and grief.

3. Must be alert to continually changing conditions and respond appropriately.

4. Constant pressure to respond maturely and effectively with residents, families, other staff, and other professionals.

5. Must appropriately represent facility in dress and demeanor.

Duties: (Specific duties are assigned at the discretion of the facility Administrator and Regional Director of Operations and may be adjusted to meet the needs of the facility and the expertise of personnel available)

1. Networking

a. Spend time at the discretion of the administrator networking with outside hospitals and other referral sources

b. Develop trusting relationships with potential clients and hospitals

c. Serve as liaison with hospital, Clinics, and Doctors

d. Document reports of progress at appropriate intervals

2. Casework

a. Respond to immediate needs of any patient or family referred by floor staff, DON, therapist, NHA or physician

b. Weekly rounds of every patient in the facility

c. Encourage maximum participation of family in meeting the needs of the residents

d. Set up dental and/or eye appointments for residents

e. Assist in arranging transportation

f. Through written and verbal communication notify residents and family of any Medicare status change, i.e. Medicare denial

3. Ombudsman

a. Inform patient and family of patient rights

b. Maintain relationship with patient and family in order to facilitate early identification of potential problems

c. Maintain close working relationship with all other departments in appropriately resolving grievances

d. Identify and report trends or patterns of complaints to the NHA and DON

e. Keep appropriate written records of grievances

f. Establish, maintain and record minutes of family council

4. Discharge Planning

a. Obtain information from family and patient on admission regarding expectations and resources available for discharge planning

b. Coordinate in-house planning and assist patient and family in obtaining services needed to assure continuity of care

c. Provide social information to other facilities with which there is a transfer agreement on discharge.

5. Care Plan and Medical Records

a. Document social history on admission

b. Enter appropriate information in selections applicable to social services for each resident within the appropriate time frame

c. Document reports of progress at appropriate intervals

d. Attend care plan team meetings; reviewing and updating residents previous care plan and assessment

e. Assures regulatory compliance by encouraging appropriate record keeping and charting in all households and by maintaining appropriate files to document compliance. Understands state and federal laws and regulations regarding medical records and HIPAA compliance and educates other departments to assure compliance with said laws, regulations, and procedures.

f. Audits all elder charts on a routine basis for deficiencies and communicates the findings to appropriate co-workers. Sends correspondence to physicians for required signatures, visits due, history and physical, and other correspondence related to the completion of medical records.

6. Inquiries:

a. Be primary person to take both walk-in and phone inquiries.

b. Be primary person to give tours of center.

c. Obtain sufficient information for completion of official inquiry file.

d. Maintain log of all inquiries.

e. Maintain professional working relationship with area hospitals – keeping them currently apprised of services available and criteria for admission.

f. Maintain contact with residents and families on inquiry list to assess their current status.

7. Admissions:

a. Interview and develop trusting relationship with applicants and their families.

b. Obtain accurate, relevant information to be used in determining appropriateness of placement.

c. Be aware of community resources for purpose of referrals when inquiries are inappropriate or there is not available bed.

d. Coordinate decision-making process with administrator and Director of Nursing in determining appropriate placement.

e. Serve as liaison with hospital, family, and resident in effecting admission or in assisting in arranging alternate placement.

f. Provide family and patient with accurate, up to date information regarding funding resources such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, etc.

8. Room Assignments:

a. Participate in room assignment decisions.

b. Coordinate with social worker in notification of patients and families of room changes.

9. Community Involvement:

a. Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate community agencies.

b. Establish and maintain a community public relations resource file.

c. Be available for presenting policies and objectives for individuals or groups.

10. In-Service Education:

a. Participate in all required in-services.

b. Participate in selected continuing education programs available.

11. Quality Assurance:

a. Participate in quality assurance program and attend meetings scheduled.


1. Understand and abide by established policies of the center and interpret them to concerned parties.

2. Maintain confidentiality of professional information.

3. Account for use of time, report sickness, and plan vacation and holiday time with administrator.

4. Prepare all required reports and submit to administrator.

5. Other specific duties as assigned by administrator.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $45.00 per hour


  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plan
  • Vision insurance

Medical specialties:

  • Geriatrics


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Evening shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability


  • Master’s (Preferred)


  • Social work: 1 year (Preferred)
  • LTC/SNF: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

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