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National Consultant for So Creative E- Learning Training, Tanzania

British Council

We support peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide.

We work directly with individuals to help them gain the skills, confidence and connections to transform their lives and shape a better world in partnership with the UK. We support them to build networks and explore creative ideas, to learn English, to get a high-quality education and to gain internationally recognised qualifications.

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Job Title
National Consultant for So Creative E- Learning Training, Tanzania
Role Purpose

The British Council is the UKs international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education, and the English language. Last year we reached over 80 million people directly and 791 million people overall including online, and through broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934 we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. We receive a 15 per cent core funding grant from the UK government. We work on the ground in more than 100 countries.

Our Arts programmes are underpinned by research and focus on young people between the ages of 18 to 35 with the following impact outcomes:

development of knowledge, artistic practice, skills, and knowledge,
arts and cultural organisations raise their profile, showcase their creative works, and increase their economic value and their partnerships,
strengthened cultural sectors through investment and collaboration,
The UKs international reputation is enhanced through experiences of arts and culture, contributing to the cultural relations agenda.

Our programmes are delivered by partners (artists, arts professionals, arts organisations, collectives, and/or hubs) who have the vision and understanding of their creative communities and are best placed to lead and tell the stories of their local art sectors.

Our four programmatic areas are Creative Economy, Culture Connects, Spotlights on Culture and Culture Responds to Shared Global Challenges.

The Creative Economy Programme is based on the premise that collectively; the cultural and creative industries can bring vast benefits in terms of economic and social value. To do this, they need to be well understood and effectively nurtured by policymakers, funders, and intermediary organisations.

The creative industries in Tanzania are rapidly growing economic powerhouses that are increasingly being recognised as pathways for sustainable livelihoods for young people across art forms. However, most are faced with obstacles such as lack of infrastructure, lack of business management skills and limited opportunities especially for networking, collaborations, and skills-sharing.

Why is a consultant needed?

The British Council is re-activating our Arts Programme as part of our Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) Arts Programme. While Tanzania has delivered such programmes in the past, this reignition requires additional capacity to support the design and delivery. As part of British Councils engagement with the arts community and creative entrepreneurs, several activities will be launched between the months of November 2023 and March 2024. The activities intend to offer creative business management knowledge for creative entrepreneurs at various levels from beginner to advanced levels and opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing through face to face and online sessions in Tanzania.

This recruitment exercise will allow for temporary support to be availed to deliver this programme ambition in this financial year.

What will be required of the consultant?

Within this period, the consultant will be expected to deliver the training in various locations across Tanzania as will be discussed with the British Council team.
So Creative E-Learning Programme The programme runs as part of dedicated SSA Arts Creative Economy activity with an intention to:

1. Support young people 18-35 to access livelihood opportunities and increased awareness of opportunities across the creative sector value chain.
2. Improve their employability and/or business ready skills and enterprise capacity across Africa
3. Strengthen creative organizations and professionals through digital business support services, investment, and collaboration.
4. Build a strong network of creative entrepreneurs in tertiary institutions and the creative sector in general.
5. Encourage peer-learning and knowledge sharing among young creatives.
6. Provide skills opportunities that support sustainable business development of creative enterprises.
7. Increase collaboration and partnerships within Tanzania and between the UK on supporting the creative ecosystems.
8. Increase learning for female creatives to actively take part within the ecosystem.

1. About the role of the specialist contractor
The Consultant will be expected to:
Deliver a minimum of five (5) So Creative E learning face to face workshops for the months stated above. Key responsibilities for the delivery of the So creative E learning are:
Lead the delivery of So Creative E learning face to face workshops programmingalongside British Council country leadership, Regional Programme Managers.
Confirm dates for the So Creative (face-to-face) Learning training.
Research and confirm Facilitators/Trainers in partnership with the British Council Arts team.
Contract Facilitators/Trainers
Open registration for participants and publicise each So Creative learning training in partnership with the British Council Arts team.
Manage the delivery of each training: registration confirmation, venue booking, catering, event setup including online event management, supervision and delivery, participants attendance sheets, baseline and end of event surveys, videography, and photography.
Manage payment to all vendors and Facilitators/Trainers.
Manage end of event M&E, report, and attendance database to be submitted to the Tanzania Arts team.
To work in partnership with SSA Creative Economy Consultant to support the launch and delivery of SSA Arts Creative Economy programme in Tanzania, inclusive of the delivery of the So Creative e-learning programme.
To work closely with the Marketing team, country leadership, and relevant Programme Managers to build/support a marketing strategy for all So Creative e-learning programme activity in Tanzania.
To liaise with Business Support Services as required across Finance, Procurement, and Marketing and Communications.
This Consultant will be working with the wider British Council team to provide management oversight of for the delivery of Arts programming, enablement of audience engagement and partnership development in Tanzania which will contribute to the British Councils SSA Arts programme. These projects will be delivered through close liaison with the Country Director and the wider SSA Arts Regional Leadership Team.
The task will be done face to face, with the possibility of remote working in agreement with the programme Managers and Country Director. Some travel may be required in delivery of the outputs.

Outcome and outputs

I. Project Design, Delivery, and Implementation

1.Be familiar with the So Creative E-Learning Programme and have completed course content. The programme will be delivered as face-to-face with the consultant supporting to market the E-Learning platform.
2. Appoint lead facilitator/s/trainers to conduct intensive series of training (with each session having 2 days of trainings) based off the course content of the So Creative E-Learning Platform. British Council will provide the face-to-face training material.
3. Create a recruitment plan to identify entrepreneurs and prepare entrepreneurs for online learning of the So Creative E-Learning Programme (minimum of two modules per learner)
4. To identify, recruit and enrol a minimum of 500 entrepreneurs into the training programme. This includes a minimum of 125 face-to-face participants.
5. Lead minimum of 2 recruitment webinars and organize 1 networking event for entrepreneurs to engage industry players e.g., financial institutions, business networks, mentors etc.
6. Advise on and support in the creation of beneficial networks for member learners including incentivising learners to support course completion (eg quizzes, competitions, networking)
7. Offer dedicated networking opportunities to incentivise learners on their journey to complete modules.
8. Follow up to measure the achievement of selected entrepreneurs and provide monthly reports on their progress including liaising when required with British Council M&E consultants.
9. With British Council support create an exit plan that will enable the sustainability of the program
Consultant will Join a new higher education Creative Economy entrepreneurship digital network as part of the British Council Sub Saharan Africa Arts Programme. Consultant will be responsible for and play a key coordination role in driving forward digital delivery of the programme to support young people in the development of their knowledge in creative entrepreneurship.
Review research on the Creative and Cultural Industries in Tanzania and offer recommendations towards the development of an Arts programme in Tanzania alongside country leadership and relevant Programme Managers including.

i. a stakeholder engagement plan and identifying potential partners for business growth and impact.
ii. The Consultant is required to be committed to delivering results in a timely manner.
Support the successful launch of the So Creative e-learning program in Tanzania, working closely with the SSA Creative Economy consultant to
iii. Track outputs and outcomes from user learning experience
iv. Support the onboarding of participants of self-paced and interactive learning modules on the e-learning platform as required.
v. The Supplier is required to maintain an alumni network of participants of the project and connect them with the Creative hustle programme Consultant.

II. Financial and Risk Management:
a. Successful contribution to financial management processes including but not limited to budget management and forecasting, risk management, and procurement in alignment with corporate policies.
b. Oversight on payments to vendors to ensure timely disbursals.

III. Stakeholder Mapping and Business Development Management
a. Source, brief, and liaise with partners to increase new partners for the So Creative E-Learning business development in Tanzania, including those in the Higher Education sector alongside the SSA Creative Economy Consultant
b. To manage relationships with project partners and key stakeholders in accordance with British Council standards, working closely with country leadership

IV. Marketing and Communications and Evaluation
a. Working with the Marketing team, the cultural producer, and relevant Programme/Project Managers to raise the profile of So Creative E-Learning programming and activities in Tanzania on (but not limited to) social media platforms and other tools that may be utilized from time to time.
b. Support in impact evaluation, qualitative and quantitative measurement of the programmes achievements as outlined in the Theory of Change and subsequently in the communication and visibility of these outcomes.
2. Timeline
It is anticipated that this work will be undertaken between November 2023 and March 2024, achieving the following milestones and goals:
Successful launch of the So Creative e-platform
Production of a stakeholder engagement plan
Production of an arts contacts database
Increased visibility of the Arts Programme in Tanzania working with relevant Arts and Marketing colleagues

The approach for the delivery of the creative enterprise e-learning platform is as follows:

Programme delivery will be structured into the components of the modules as outlined below and will comprise of the following specific activities.

E- Learning Programme Modules Overview (Institutions to guide learners through minimum of two modules Basic and Intermediate) The SoCreative E-Learning Programme can be accessed here:


Understanding the Creative Economy (Including what sectors constitute the Creative Economy, the economic, social and cultural value of the Creative Industries) using relevant case studies and data to aid understanding).


With the basic course as a recommended pre-requisite, the intermediate course will provide additional depth to basic courses.

Social Impact through Creative Entrepreneurship

Provide participants with an understanding of impact entrepreneurship, social innovation, and factors to consider in pivoting enterprises to achieve social impact.

Creative Economy Policy

This intermediate course provides relevant insight for policy stakeholders in relation to the creative economy.

The Assignment will include the following for each component of the So Creative Learning Face to Face Programme as stated above:

Please see phases and deliverables below.

Project planning phase: November 2023

Selected consultant will attend an inception planning meeting with the British Council team.
The Consultant works to:
Design and finalise the approach and content for the So Creative E-Learning Face to Face training.
Develop project delivery plan which will include some of (but not limited to) the following:
Activity timelines
Budget outlines for each location
Monitoring and Evaluation plan and schedule
Track outputs and outcomes from user learning experience
Support the onboarding of participants of self-paced and interactive learning modules on the e-learning platform as required.
Work with British Council Communications team:
In designing branded assets for use during the programme which incorporates British Council brand guidelines.

Project Delivery Phase : November 2023 March 2024

Component 1; Marketing and Selection

Tanzania delivery consultant works to:
Lead on the call out and marketing to participants at all locations as agreed by the British Council team.
Lead on the selection process and registration of participants for each of the location for the programme.
Deliver the So Creative E learning training at selected locations including online livestreaming.
Manage all the physical spaces and online platforms used for the workshops.

Component 2: Communications and Storytelling

Work with the British Council team to:
Create impact stories for each month of the programme which will include experiences of participants.
Design promotional materials for this programme in line with the British Council branding polices and guidelines

Component 3: Monitoring and Evaluation

Consultant works to:
Ensure the appropriate monitoring tools are being used for each phase of the programme and the M&E report is submitted to the British Council including raw data.

Project Close-Out Phase

Consultant works to:
Prepare and submit a comprehensive report of the programme. The report should include lessons learnt, recommendations for future events within the creative sector. It should also reflect the impact of the programme on the participants and the Tanzania creative sector at large. This should be supported with case studies and feedback from participants. Evidence of such impact are highly recommended (this can be links to websites or social media handles etc.).
3. Reporting and communication

Identify the key British Council manager/s who will liaise with the specialist.

The consultant will liaise with the Country Director and Hiring Manager alongside Arts managers at both regional and country level across SSA and the UK.

Identify any key dates for meetings/report submission etc which were listed under Timeline.

The Assignment will include the following for each component of the So Creative Learning Programme as stated in Section 4 (Scope of Programme) above:

Minimum Requirements

Understanding of Arts and Culture scene in Tanzania
The Consultants will be expected to already possess significant knowledge, experience and competence in the delivery and management of face-to-face and E-Learning content and interactive blended learning digital content.
Be familiar with the So CreativeE-Learning Programme
Ability to coach and mentor trainees, providing effective skills and business support to entrepreneurs.
Consultant will be required to demonstrate their capacity to recruit and train early-stage and mid-careers entrepreneurs including a strong national network and wide access to learners.
Experience of managing finances and organizational resources
Strong experience facilitating and managing learning events, conversations, discussion programmes with young people 18-35 with a focus on digital engagement.
Ability to identify and pick potential speakers for the programme including UK based speakers.
Connection to international and other local hubs to bring learning to support this project.
Knowledge of the cultural and creative industries in SSA
An interest and developing expertise in working with young people with an emphasis on underrepresented groups from the cultural sector.
We are looking for candidates who have skills and experience of reaching wide networks of young people across identified programme countries (f2f and virtually) including engaging young people in policy and creative enterprise dialogue.
Understand the types of digital engagement opportunities through online learning and the SSA creative sectors ambitions to connect with young people.
Proficiency of communicating in English and Kiswahili.


A greater understanding of creative and cultural industries
Established network of artists, stakeholders, and organizations in the Tanzania
An innovative approach to the use of digital and social media to connect audiences.
Ability to identify opportunities for partnerships and expansion of the delivery of our work.
An interest or experience in working with, or within sectors related to the British Councils Arts work.
Strong experience of successful programme management

Further Information
Consultancy Duration November 2023 and March 2024
Total Consultancy Fees 9,000 Pounds Sterling To be paid in Tanzanian Shillings at the British Council bookkeeping rate
Location Anywhere in Tanzania (will need to attend meetings and deliver some work in Dar Es Salaam)
Language requirements: Written and spoken Swahili and English at Proficiency level.
Requirements All applicants should have a pre-existing legal status to live and work in Tanzania. The British Council will not facilitate/sponsor visa applications and work permit.

Closing Date 30 October 2023, Applications will close 23:59 East African Time

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The British Council is committed to policies and practices of equality, diversity and inclusion across everything we do. We support all staff to make sure their behaviour is consistent with this commitment. We want to address under representation and encourage applicants from under-represented groups, in particular, but not exclusively, on grounds of ethnicity and disability. All disabled applicants who meet the essential criteria are guaranteed an interview and we have Disability Confident Employer Status. We welcome discussions about specific requirements or adjustments to enable participation and engagement in our work and activities.

The British Council iscommitted to safeguarding children, young people and adults who we work with.

We believe that all children and adults everywhere in the world deserve to live in safe environments and have the right to be protected from all forms of abuse, maltreatment and exploitation as set out in article 19, UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) 1989.

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