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Introduction : UNDP Bhutan is seeking proposals from qualified and eligible National Consultants for the UNDP-GEF Midterm Review (MTR) of the full-sized project titled Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into the Tourism Sector in Bhutan” (PIMS 6319) implemented through the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Royal Government of Bhutan, which is to be undertaken from 2021-2026.

The brief scope of the assignment 

The MTR team will assess the following four categories of project progress. See the Guidance For Conducting Midterm Reviews of UNDP-Supported, GEF-Financed Projects for extended descriptions.

 i.  Project Strategy

Project design:

·         Review the problem addressed by the project and the underlying assumptions.

·         Review the effect of any incorrect assumptions or changes to the context to achieving the project results as outlined in the Project Document.

·         Review the impact of the global pandemic (COVID-19) on the project and potential opportunities for post-Covid recovery actions.

·         Review the relevance of the project strategy and assess whether it provides the most effective route towards expected/intended results.  Were lessons from other relevant projects properly incorporated into the project design?

·         Was the project concept in line with the national sector development priorities and plans of the country.

·         Review how the project addresses country priorities including the 13 FYP and  country ownership.

·         Review the opportunities the project should adapt to achieve the outcomes.

·         Review decision-making processes: were perspectives of those who would be affected by project decisions, those who could affect the outcomes, and those who could contribute information or other resources to the process, taken into account during project design processes?

·         Review the extent to which relevant gender and safeguard issues were raised in the project design. See Annex 9 of Guidance For Conducting Midterm Reviews of UNDP-Supported, GEF-Financed Projects for further guidelines.

·         If there are major areas of concern, recommend areas for improvement. 

Results Framework/Logframe:

·       Undertake a critical analysis of the project’s log frame indicators and targets, assess how “SMART” the midterm and end-of-project targets are (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound), and suggest specific amendments/revisions to the targets and indicators as necessary.

·         Are the project’s objectives and outcomes or components clear, practical, and feasible within its time frame?

·         Examine if progress so far has led to or could in the future catalyze beneficial development effects (i.e. income generation, biodiversity conservation, gender equality and women’s empowerment, improved governance, etc) that should be included in the project results framework and monitored on an annual basis.

·         Ensure broader development and gender aspects of the project are being monitored effectively.  Develop and recommend SMART ‘development’ indicators, including sex-disaggregated indicators and indicators that capture development benefits. 

ii.    Progress Toward Results

Progress Towards Outcomes Analysis:

Review the log frame indicators against progress made towards the end-of-project targets using the Progress Towards Results Matrix and following the Guidance For Conducting Midterm Reviews of UNDP-Supported, GEF-Financed Projects; colour code progress in a “traffic light system” based on the level of progress achieved; assign a rating on progress for each outcome; make recommendations from the areas marked as “Not on target to be achieved” (red). 

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Deadline :

12-Dec-23 @ 12:59 PM (New York time)

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