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The first strategic period ended in December 2022. It oversaw and transformed ECW from a start-up fund and its vision among political, humanitarian and development leaders globally into a full-blown and global billion-dollar fund. Based on evaluations and audits, ECW has been assessed as a proven model and a highly effective global fund. As part of its professionalization, a professional firm (Cambridge Education) undertook the major task – in close consultation with the ECW Secretariat, the ECW Executive Committee (ExCom) and external stakeholders – of developing an Operatiional Manual (OM) 2020/21 fit for purpose and ECW’s specific mandate and contexts. The OM describes how ECW functions in terms of investment modalities and governance structure and operations.

During the first strategic period, several evaluations and assessments were conducted, including:

  • Evaluation of Multi-Year Resilience Window (November 2021, Oxford Policy Management)
  • Evaluation First Emergency Response Window (November 2020, Mokoro)
  • Organisational Evaluation (December 2022, Mokoro)
  • Internal Audit (December 2022, Office of Internal Audit and Investigations)
These evaluations and assessments were significant pieces of work that documented that ECW had successfully been established as a Global Fund for EiEPC in the United Nations with a strong inclusion of civil society. For each of the evaluations ECW has developed a detailed management response which was then approved by its ExCom and, in the case of the Organisational Evaluation, the High-Level Steering Group (HLSG). The programmatic and strategic recommendations from these evaluations have been reflected in the ECW 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan.
Given that the evaluations and the internal audit were conducted after the OM was developed there is a need to update and revise the OM to ensure that it is consistent with the audit recommendations and management responses. A sub-group of ECW’s ExCom, the OM Advisory Group, has been created to oversee and advise on the update.
Purpose Of The Work:
The purpose of this consultancy is to facilitate and manage the update of the OM and ensure a revised version is submitted to ECW’s respective governance structures for approval in 2024.
Scope Of Work:
  • Develop a comprehensive process for updating the OM which includes moments for both the OM Advisory Group and the wider ExCom to advise, review and endorse the proposed revisions. The final version of the OM will need to be endorsed by the ExCom at their meeting in August 2024 so that it can submitted to the ECW High-Level Steering Group for approval at their September 2024 meeting.
  • Facilitate, advise and guide discussions on substantive issues which have been identified through the analysis of the management responses to the formal evaluations and internal audit. A priority issue which will need substantive discussion is governance and it is expected that the consultant will have prior experience on advising organisations in this regard so that they can propose options for the OM Advisory Group. The consultant will be expected to schedule and facilitate these discussions and draft new text and revisions to the OM text as appropriate.
  • Organise and oversee the update to the OM on technical issues. These are not issues which will require substantive discussion, but they will need to be discussed with the ECW Education Technical Reference Group, the Gender Reference Group and possibly the newly formed Refugee Reference Group. The consultant will be expected to schedule and facilitate these discussions and draft revisions to OM text as appropriate.
  • Support the OM Advisory Group Chair and Vice-Chair and the ECW Secretariat throughout the update process, scheduling meetings, preparing agendas and documentation, drafting text for the OM (both revisions to the existing text as well as new text where necessary) and systematically collating and documenting feedback and tracking subsequent revisions to OM text. The consultant may also be called upon to present to the OM Advisory Group and/or the wider ExCom on both process as well as content related issues.
  • Produce a first complete draft of the updated OM based on the outputs of the substantive and technical discussions and facilitate consultations on the draft with the OM Advisory Group and the broader ExCom as necessary, using the opportunity of the in-person ExCom meeting in Berlin in May 2024 to solicit feedback and inputs on the first draft.
  • Produce a final version of the OM in time for the virtual ExCom meeting scheduled for August 2024 and ensure any final edits are made in time for a final version to be send to the ECW High Level Steering Group by the beginning of September 2024.
To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have… 
  • An advanced university degree (Master’s or higher) in education, statistics, economics, social sciences, or related fields.  
  • A minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience in conducting similar work for political led organizations in the humanitarian and development sector in conflict and/ or crisis countries is required.
  • Strong expertise in education, international development, and education in emergencies.
  • Experience with the UN and other multi-lateral systems on a global and country level.
  • Experience with reviewing and revising governance documents for multi-donor initiatives and funding mechanisms.
  • Strategic vision, strong analytical capabilities, and sound judgement.
  • Proven high-level facilitation, networking, coordination, negotiation, consensus-building and organizational skills.
  • Advanced communication (spoken and written) skills, including the ability to convey concepts and recommendations both orally and in writing, in a clear, concise style.
  • Demonstrate ability to draft/edit agendas, reports, presentations, and communication products.
  • Availability to travel (to Geneva or New York)
  • Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of another official UN language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) or a local language is an asset. 




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