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RFP/JURE/2301/02 – Capacity Needs Assessment of Debt Conciliation Board in SL

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United Nations Development Programme


Introduction :

Conduct Capacity Needs Assessment of Debt Conciliation Board in Sri Lanka. 

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) with support from the European Union, along with UNDP and UNICEF in Sri Lanka launched a multi-year “Justice Reform (JURE) Programme” in February 2022. The JURE Programme is a part of the Portfolio, and it contains a holistic package of support to the justice sector in Sri Lanka and will be implemented in close consultation and partnership with key justice sector stakeholders.
The effective functioning, expeditious resolution of disputes, enforcement of the settlements arrived, and enhancing public perception of the Board have been identified as a key priority within the broader JURE Programme. This assignment is expected to provide both in-depth analysis and an eagle-eye view of the Debt Conciliation Board to enhance public knowledge and perception of the DCB. 
The capacity needs assessment aims to identify key areas of development, to make the Board a just process in which disadvantaged fractions of the society are not ignored, their voices are heard, pleas of assistance heeded, and their grievances remedied.
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Deadline :

14-Feb-23 @ 04:12 AM (New York time)

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