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The Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) Analyst will ensure that Components 1-3 of the Project are implemented by UNOPS in accordance with the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and its 10 environmental and Social Standards (ESSs).  In particular, the Analyst will oversee the implementation of the actions specified in the Environment and Social Risk Management instruments specified in the Project Environment and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP).  The Expert recruited will report directly to the UNOPS Project Manager (PM) who will keep the PMU Project Manager informed.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the Project is implemented in accordance with the ESCP, most particularly the disclosed Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), Labor Management Procedures (LMP), the Resettlement Framework (RF), and the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), as well as any subsidiary environmental and social (E&S) instruments prepared during Project implementation, such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs), Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs), and Resettlement Plans (RPs).
  • Ensure that Project implementation is compliant with the relevant environmental and social policies, regulations and procedures of Lebanon.
  • Ensure that the Project’s E&S risk management is implemented as advised and instructed by the Project Steering Committee.
  • Assist the PM in the preparation of project work plans.
  • Assist the PM in day-to-day project implementation including the organisation of internal and external meetings.
  • Assist the PM in preparing for meetings, presentations, workshops, and any other events.
  • Support the PM in updating the Project risk register, issues log, highlight reports, and other requirements as per the UNOPS PMM.
  • Perform oth
  • er duties as assigned.

Technical responsibilities

The ESHS Expert will perform the following duties:
Monitoring and Reporting:

Prepare regular quarterly monitoring reports on the ESHS performance of the Project, including:

  • Implementation of the ESCP.
  • Status of preparation and implementation of E&S documents required under the ESCP.
  • Stakeholder engagement activities.
  • Status of the grievance mechanism, including grievance logs from workers and communities.
  • Overall E&S performance of the Project.
  • Compliance with ESSs during implementation of Project activities.
  • Project-related accidents.
  • Implementation plans for the project activities in the subsequent quarter.
  • Support the PM in preparing reports notifying the World Bank of any incident or accident related to the Project that has, or is likely to have, a significant adverse effect on the environment, the affected communities, the public or workers, as indicated in the ESCP.
  • Prepare a report on the incident/accident and propose specific time-bound actions and measures to prevent its recurrence.
  • Ensure that monthly ESHS reports are prepared by Contractors and Operators, which will be submitted by the PM to MoE to the World Bank upon request.

Environmental and Social Assessments:

  • Ensure that the design and implementation of Project activities under Component 2 of the Project take into account the Environmental Health, and Safety Guidelines (ESHG) of the World Bank Group as required in ESS1, ESS2, ESS3 and ESS4, most particularly the General ESHG as well as the ESHG on Waste Management Facilities.
  • Ensure that the ToRs of consultants providing technical assistance for Component 1 activities (distinct from contractors) take into account relevant ESF requirements.
  • Prepare environmental and social screening forms for all subprojects under Component 2 of the Project, as per Annex A of the ESMF.
  • Prepare ToRs for subproject ESIAs, ESMPs and RPs, in line with the ESCP and the ESMF
  • Ensure that the ToRs for subproject ESIAs and ESMPs include ESHS specification for contractors that meet the requirements of the General ESHG and of the ESHG for Waste Management Facilities.
  • Support the PM in ensuring review of ToRs by the World Bank and their approval by MoE prior to solicitation of proposals for the same.
  • Oversee the preparation of subproject ESIAs, ESMPs and RPs by the selected consultants.
  • Review and control the quality of ESIAs, ESMPs and RPs before their submittal by MoE to the World Bank for review and clearance.
  • Oversee the preparation of final E&S instruments that respond to the World Bank’s review comments.
  • Support the disclosure by MoE of cleared ESIAs, ESMPs and RPs prepared for the Project.
  • Ensure that subproject ESIAs, ESMPs and RPs are cleared by the World Bank and disclosed by MoE before commencement of the related activities, as indicated in the ESCP.

Management of Contractors:

  • Ensure that the relevant aspects of the ESCP, including the relevant E&S instruments, are incorporated into the procurement documents with contractors prepared by UNOPS, most particularly the ESHS specification that are included in the subproject ESIA or ESMP.
  • Ensure that each selected contractor prepares a Contractor ESMP (C-ESMP) that indicates the manner in which the Project ESHS specifications are in line with Annex 3 of ESS1.
  • Ensure that C-ESMPs take into account the UNOPS HSSE Procedures and Guidelines.
  • Review C-ESMPs and suggest modifications to ensure that contractors meet ESF and ESHG requirements.
  • Oversee the monitoring of contractor’s ESHS performance to ensure that contractors meet contracted ESHS specifications, through conducting field visits and spot checks.
  • Maintain a database of non-compliances with ESHS specifications for each contractor.
  • Report non-compliances to the UNOPS PM, recommend corrective measures, and monitor their implementation.
  • Monitor the implementation of corrective measures.

Labor Management Procedures:

  • Ensure that Project activities are carried out in accordance with the LMP and the applicable requirements of ESS2.
  • Ensure that labour requirements are incorporated into the ESHS specifications of the procurement documents with contractors, including procedures relating to working conditions, terms of employment, non-discrimination and equal opportunity, restrictions on child and forced labour, and prohibition of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA/SH).
  • Ensure that contractor compliance with the LMP is monitored and that corrective action is taken in the event of non-compliance.

Occupational Health and safety:

  • Prepare, clear, adopt, and implement Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) measures in line with the national legislation and ESS2, particularly as it relates to COVID-19 preventive measures and OHS associated with civil works, contact with municipal wastes, hazardous wastes and gases, and fires in dumpsites and potential SEA/SH.
  • Promote safety and health in the work environment and shall require from Contractor/Operating firms to do the same, in accordance with the requirements of ESS2 and in a manner acceptable to the Bank.

Land Use Restrictions:

  • Ensure that Project Affected Persons are compensated or resettled before the commencing of Project activities affecting them.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Implement the SEP in a manner consistent with ESS10.
  • Ensure that the SEP is amended and updated as required during Project implementation.
  • Ensure that technical activities are coordinated with government agencies, local authorities, and relevant stakeholders.

Project Grievance Mechanism:

  • Establish, maintain and operate a Grievance Mechanism (GM) as described in the SEP, including a referral pathway in the event of SEA/SH-related complaint using a survivor-centred approach with focus on confidentiality and anonymity.

Capacity Support:
Oversee training to community groups and local authorities on:

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement.
  • Specific aspects of the ESIA/ESMP that require feedback from the public and local authorities and for their own awareness so that community health and safety can be improved.
  • Project Grievance Mechanism.

Oversee training for project personnel, contractors and workers on:

  • ESIA/ESMP implementation.
  • LMP, including Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Emergency preparedness and response.
  • Stakeholder engagement and the Project GM.

UNOPS Guidelines and Procedures:

  • Ensure that Project activities are implemented in accordance with UNOPS’ HSSE Procedures and Guidelines.
  • Ensure the preparation of weekly and monthly reports for infrastructure related activities, especially on OHS management, as per UNOPS HSSE Guidelines.
  • Ensure that UNOPS requirements are included in the procurement documents, to ensure that contractors are aware of the level of supervision and controls needed and can budget accordingly.
  • The ESHS Expert directly impacts on the achievement of project outputs by adhering to the Project Documents and UNOPS procedures, reducing risks, cutting costs and improving success rates. This consequently reinforces the visibility and image of UNOPS as an effective service implementing agency in project services and management and strengthens its competitive position as a partner of choice in sustainable development and project services.

Education/Experience/Language requirements:

Master’s degree or equivalent in Environmental Science/Studies, Environmental, Civil or Chemical Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Technology or closely related field is required.
Bachelor’s Degree in one of the above-mentioned disciplines with an additional 2 years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of advanced university degree.


  • Minimum 2 years’ work experience (or more depending on academic credentials) in the management of environmental and social risks is required, preferably in the context of a project funded or implemented by an International Financial Institutions, a UN Agency, a bilateral partner or an international NGO.
  • Direct experience in managing stakeholder engagement activities, including grievance mechanisms is required.
  • Direct experience in resettlement planning and implementation, caused by economic or physical displacement is required.
  • Direct experience in monitoring the environmental and social performance of contractor’s is required.
  • High proficiency with computers, and other software/ platforms related to the position’s field of expertise is highly desired.
  • Proven experience with the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework is an asset.
  • Knowledge of the Lebanese pertinent Laws and regulations is desired.
  • Knowledge about the 3R Practices (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and Best Available Techniques/ Best Environmental Practices (BATs/BEPs), applied to Solid Waste Management/ Medical Waste Management is desired.

Language Requirements:

  • Excellent command of Arabic and English language (oral and written) is required.





The ESHS Expert will perform the following duties:
Monitoring and Reporting:

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