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Terre des hommes (Tdh) Jordan delegation is seeking to contract an expert to provide training content development services.

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Terre des hommes


Terms of Reference

Terre des hommes (Tdh) Jordan delegation is seeking to contract an expert to provide training content development services.

I-Organization and Context background information

Terre des hommes (Tdh) Jordan was established in 2007 in response to the Iraqi refugee crisis and the programme has since evolved to respond to various emergencies, including the Syrian refugee crisis. In 2013, Tdh launched the Access to Justice programme, focused on protecting the rights of girls and boys in contact with the law and aiming to create a child-friendly juvenile justice system in Jordan. Tdh works with Syrian refugees in-camp EJC (Emirati Jordan Camp)) as well as with out-of-camp refugees and vulnerable host communities in collaboration with local partners and community-based organisations. Tdh has strong relationships with the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor and other governmental stakeholders and supports formal and informal systems to fulfil children’s rights and deliver protection services.

Our thematic priorities:

Migration and Protection:

The Migration and Protection programme aims to reduce children’s vulnerability, to guarantee their rights, to respond to their needs and to facilitate their access to development opportunities, working with communities and beneficiaries directly through providing Case Management, Mental Health, and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and skills development activities.

Access to Justice:

The Access to Justice programme focuses on supporting girls, boys, their families, civil society actors, judicial and governmental stakeholders in upholding youth and children’s rights, through provision of specialised services including capacity building for justice and child protection professionals, and technical assistance in legislation and policy

II- Objective and deliverables of this assignment

Tdh is a consortium member of the She Leads program, which is a global program aiming to increase sustained influence of girls and young women (GYW) on decision-making, alongside the transformation of gender norms in formal and informal institutions via working in three interrelated domains: ​

  • the enhancement of collective action of girls and young women in a gender-responsive civil society​
  • increased acceptance of positive social gender norms​
  • enabling meaningful participation of girls and young women in decision-making by political institutions. ​

The project is scheduled to run for five years from 2021-2025 and will target both the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and Jordan on a national level. Tdh is working closely with communities across Jordan to ensure that the needs and voices of girls and young women are heard by decision-makers. Tdh also targets communities across Jordan with information and awareness-raising activities to empower girls and young women to know their rights.

For Tdh in Jordan, She Leads has three outcomes:

Outcome 1: Communities in Jordan promote positive social norms to unlock girls and young women potential by 2025.

Outcome 2: Civil Society in Jordan is enabled to implement gender sensitive programming and promote meaningful participation of GYW by 2025.

Outcome 3: National legislative environment adopts a gender sensitive approach by 2025

To build the capacity of girls and young women, Tdh will create training materials for girls and young women in communities, and training materials for female university students. These materials will be used to train the beneficiaries on their rights, under both Jordanian and international legislation and agreements, related to gender equality. These materials will be used to train GYW and female students on their rights to counteract misinformation and misunderstanding in communities.

III -Key deliverables

Tdh Jordan is seeking to contract a consultant to deliver the following:

Key Deliverable 1: Creation of training materials on GYW rights based on the personal status and criminal laws and the related international rights tailored for female university students. The materials will cover the legal knowledge the students should have to ensure the factual accuracy of the legal information contained in their digital campaigns.

Key Deliverable 2: Creation of training materials based on national and international GYW rights based on the criminal and the personal status laws and the related international rights, tailored for GYW in communities (aged 12 and above).

The format of the training material should be tailored to the audience and should be a reference for the girls and young women.

Note that prospective applicants must meet the Requirements for the Consultant, as detailed below, and be able to demonstrate these to Tdh.

IV-Modalities and Timeline

The consultancy will need to be conducted within 20 working days. Between October and November. The final deliverable must be submitted by 05/12/2022.

The consultant should provide a specific time frame for the main deliverables. However, the non-negotiable milestones to be factored in are as follows:

  • Desk review of the national criminal frameworks and the international conventions related to Children and Women Rights during the judicial and non-judicial procedures.
  • Incorporate the views and opinions of local partner CBOs in the development of the training curriculum.
  • Incorporate the findings of Tdh reports resulting from meetings and roundtables with professional parties.
  • Incorporate the findings of Tdh reports resulting from meetings and roundtables with GYW in the community.
  • Develop the training modules as described in Arabic and in English Languages.
  • Develop training supporting documents, trainers/facilitators notes and guidelines, objectives, and training manual outlines in English and Arabic.
  • Submit a work schedule and hold a meeting with Tdh Jordan every two weeks so that feedback and recommendations are incorporated.
  • Presentation of deliverables to Tdh.

Important Remark: All deliverables produced will carefully follow Tdh’s corporate branding guidelines under the supervision of Tdh’s Communications Specialist.

Requirements for the expert

The consultant should meet the following conditions, qualifications, and experience:

  • Degree in Law and/or Human Rights, with more than 5 years progressive experience.
  • Previous experience in gender, social inclusion, violence against women and girls.
  • Familiarity with the Jordanian context and legislation.
  • Experience in designing educational materials.
  • Familiarity with NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) programming.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English.

Documents to be submitted as part of the application

    • Technical proposal Approach and methodology
      – A detailed activities schedule/work plan with time frame
  • Financial Proposal
    • Itemized consultant’s fees – consultant should indicate professional rate
    • Itemized breakdown of any additional chargeable expenses, including any field work related costs and any administrative costs or overhead charges including taxes
    • Validity period for the quotation
  • At least two relevant recent work (I.e., curriculum with a legal or gender focus)
  • A profile of the consultant, copies of CV(s)
  • Two referees for whom the consultant has carried out similar work

3.Ethical considerations

The consultant/consulting agency must sign the Terre des hommes Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct and be willing to adhere to its principles and expected practices. If a breach of the policy or code of conduct takes place the consultancy will be terminated immediately without any financial burden on Tdh.

4.Disclaimer on copyright, data protection

All documents, project designs, drawings, data and information shall be treated as confidential and shall not without the written approval of Tdh be made available to any third party. In addition, the consultant(s) formally undertakes not to disclose any parts of the confidential information and shall not, without the written approval of Tdh be made available to any third party. The utilization of the designed material is solely at the decision and discretion of Tdh. All the documents containing provided by Tdh, both soft and hard copies are to be returned to Tdh upon completion of the assignment. All documentation and reports written as, and as a result of the assigmnet or otherwise related to it, shall remain the property of Tdh. No part of the report shall be reproduced except with the prior, expressed, and specific written permission of Tdh.

How to apply

Application procedure

Interested candidates/Firms should send in their detailed technical proposal and financial proposal (in two separate documents) to [email protected] with the title “Training Development”

Applications should include the criteria and requirements listed above. The deadline to submit applications will be end of business on Oct.23rd 2022.

Only shortlisted applications will be contacted.

To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email/cover letter where (tendersglobal.net) you saw this job posting.

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