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Graduate Assistant

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

The project focuses on the effect of climate change and wind turbine construction on the Atlantic surfclam and ocean quahog resource using a coupled fishery-population dynamics model (SEFES) that includes a future climate projection capability. Development of wind energy on the continental shelf may influence fisheries by limiting access, increasing vessel steaming costs, and limiting stock surveys. Warming of the northwest Atlantic is rapidly shifting the range of the surfclam resource and impinging the species upon territory occupied by ocean quahogs, one of the oldest marine species. The project will address management issues arising from the influence of global warming and competitive uses of the continental shelf with respect to maintaining a sustainable clam resource and fishery. The successful candidate will develop a masters or dissertation project in connection with research supported by the NSF I/UCRC science center SCEMFIS and provide the opportunity for the candidate to work directly with the fishing industry and the management community. The research is supported by SCEMFIS (NSF Science Center for Marine Fisheries) and private enterprise.

Qualification: BS or MS in marine science, fisheries, or related field; competency in mathematics or statistics, and numerical modeling; GREs in the upper 50th percentiles; GPA above 3.0.


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