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Pachamama Alliance is hiring a Program Director for our global Game Changer Action Training (GCAT) system. We are looking for a leader in the climate justice movement with years of experience creating large scale training systems who is looking to create one that integrates local solutions-based climate justice action with embodied connection to Earth. 

The Game Changer Action Training (GCAT) is a global training system that supports people from beginner activists to experienced community organizers to develop the skills to implement community based projects that result in concrete climate justice outcomes: reducing carbon, regenerating ecosystems, increasing justice and reconnecting communities with the Earth. Over the last year, GCAT has been successfully piloted and has trained 180 people and generated projects in 4 countries. 

The Program Director will help us scale the system to support up to 1000 people across our global network. The majority of the work will be in the US context, with important programs in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. 

About Pachamama Alliance

Pachamama Alliance is an established San Francisco-based non-profit organization with a mission to empower Indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet.

GCAT is supported by the Programs Team based out of our San Francisco office. Over 25 years, the Pachamama Alliance has built a global reach, including:

  • A series of transformational programs that raise consciousness and shift mindset that reach up to 10,000 a year. 
  • An existing global community with thousands of people across the world.
  • Over 90% of our funding comes from an extensive network of loyal, individual donors.

For 25 years, PA has successfully raised awareness and built a global community. Now, we are leveraging that success to mobilize our global network into climate justice action to transform the reality on the ground in their communities around the world. The initial success of GCAT validated our ability to create meaningful local action that integrates climate solutions, justice, and spiritual connection to the Earth. 


Training System Development and Scaling

The Program Director position is for someone who has already built and scaled training systems and has broad leadership experience in implementing, scaling and coordinating its efforts. The Program Director will collaborate closely with our highly skilled training design and delivery team to lead the building of the system: 

  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Leading programs that engage 150 – 1,000 people per year.
  • Scaling programs 
  • Administrative leadership–especially in the domain of process creation and implementation
  • Vendor and partnership engagement and management
  • Leveraging Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) and data-based decision making

Organizational Change Leadership 

The Program Director will need experience leading change management processes. As the GCAT system scales, the Program Director will need to facilitate the organization integrating action into our overall strategy, organizational processes, and organizational culture.

  • Excellent leader and manager – knows how to build and support healthy, impactful teams
  • Experienced at using and teaching dynamic and democratic decision-making processes
  • Effective and inclusive collaborator
  • Ability to work cross-functionally with various stakeholders to advocate for a strategic vision and build alignment–including the Board and Partner Organizations
  • Pro-active collaboration with the Fundraising team on funder meetings, proposal development, and completing grant reports. 

Global Experience 

As a global system, GCAT needs a Program Director with experience working in multiple countries, who understands the importance of cross-cultural awareness and the logistical realities of working across multiple countries.

  • Leadership experience in an international context or have been a trainer for an international cohort. 

Connections Across the Climate Justice Movement 

A key element of GCAT will be partnerships with the Climate Justice Movement. The Program Director needs connections they can draw on for partnerships, strategy, and training. 

  • Experience and embodiment with the intersection of climate and justice. 
  • Campaign experience as an activist or organizer
  • Leadership experience bridging white and multiracial communities.
  • Capacity and commitment to developing white, progressive leadership. Candidates need to have a personal interest and commitment to developing this demographic into effective allies, organizers and leaders. 

Transformation and Spirituality

Personal transformation, spiritual fulfillment, and a connection to the Earth is central to Pachamama Alliance and GCAT system. While the Program Director doesn’t need to lead in this domain (our trainers do that), they need to be comfortable with notions of “spirit” and be open to exploring how we are informed by it.

  • A practice of personal transformation
  • Eager to integrate personal transformation and spiritual fulfillment into training activists and organizers


  • Facilitate the annual strategy development with GCAT team to make a plan for the coming year 
  • Work cross-functionally to coordinate all the elements of GCAT iInstruction, community actions, back-end operations, MEL (Measurement, Evaluation and Learning), funding, messaging, and staff 
  • Organizing the coherence and integration of all instruction in the GCAT system by being in close touch with all of the people producing content for GCAT (Community Organizing Trainer, Instructional Design specialists, Programs team members, Partnering Organizations, Pachamama Alliance community leaders)- making sure all the parts fits together and it gives participants a clear pathway. 
  • Administering the GCAT system–organizing coaches/trainers/ partners, managing contracts, staffing as we scale, role allocation and assessment. 
  • Coordinate needs for grants and other funding sources within the team and maintain relationships with grantors outside the organization
  • Building partner relationships and community engagement – assessing the partnerships effectiveness, 
  • Coordinating and supporting Community Organizing Trainer with partnerships and coordinating with other teams working with external partners 
  • Coordinating training plans with partner organizations Measurement, Evaluation and Learning: work all parts of GCAT to integrate the data’s implications into our decision making 

Leadership and Decision Making at Pachamama Alliance 

Pachamama Alliance uses a distributed leadership model – meaning no direct managers, mainly working in teams – to organize our workflow. While conventional models have produced many impressive outcomes over time, we believe we need new models to create empowering, responsive, transformative systems and structures. Using a distributed leadership model is a commitment to transforming human systems and structures that separate us, and to transforming our relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with the natural world. 

While this role has Director-level distinctions, it does not have traditional hierarchical authority and prerogatives associated with Director-level positions. The role will envision the structure for GCAT and bring their expertise in community organizing, training, and instructional design to work collaboratively with the team.

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