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The Project Manager position will lead on and is accountable for all the project implemenation and coordination aspects of GIZ Climate Change Adaptation Project. As a key role within the Oxfam Iraq Country program, the position will be based in Anbar. He/she will lead on effective management and relationships with relevant internal and external stakeholders at local level, especially with the government line departments, manage the project activities throughout the project cycle, including budget management (expenditure planning and expenditure monitoring), directly lead in preparing and developing high-quality project plans, including Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) and procurement plans, progress and donor reports, ensure appropriate monitoring and project quality, and enhance internal and external learning and representation. This position requires a good understanding of climate change issues, policy, and governance frameworks in Iraq, as well as the ability to implement solutions in the field, coordinating closely with project stakeholders in the governorate of Anbar.


Project Delivery and Coordination

  • Take overall project management leadership and responsible to carry out implementation of project activities within approved project plans, budget, and duration.
  • Work closely with relevant government departments, specially Ramadi, Fallujah and Heet Districts of Anbar Governorate, in overall implementation of project activities. This will include regular meetings with line departments to agree on work plans, technical assessments, and establishing cooperation relations.
  • Maintain good working relationships with relevant government departments, academia, and other key project stakeholders and ensure Oxfam interest is presented at all level.
  • Provide project management and operational support to project team to run the project activities effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure project deliverables are achieved as stipulated in project design maintaining the Oxfam’s program quality standards and expectation of relevant stakeholders.
  • Worked closely with the technical team to clearly define the project scope of work (SoW) and further translation of SoW into detailed implementation plan with regular review to ensure project scope remains relevant to contextual changes.
  • Develop overall project documents including detailed implementation plans, budget and spending plans, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) plans, procurement plans and ensure the implementation of these plans.
  • Keep tracking of project progress against approved implementation plan and update management about progress, bottlenecks causing delays in delivery, challenges encountered and suggested solutions.
  • Work closely with the technical Leads, especially the Climate Justice Lead, Economic Justice Lead, Gender Justice Lead and Policy Lead, as well as support staff for guidance and managerial support to implement the project in line with the approved project objectives.
  • Conduct detail review of BvA on regularly basis and advise on budget and implementation plans’ adjustment accordingly.
  • Participate and represent Oxfam in monthly and quarterly area based coordination meetings (ABCs).
  • Work with MEAL team for monitoring and evaluating the project regularly, ensuring community participation as appropriate, as well as accountability towards communities;
  • Follow up on MEAL activities and findings ensuring that learning from monitoring and evaluation is included and strategies and program implementation are adapted accordingly;
  • Ensure that risk management and contingency planning is included at all stages of the program;


  • Develop project progress reports for the donor in collaboration with project staff, technical Leads, funding coordinator and support teams. Ensure narrative reporting and financial accounting meet Oxfam and donor’s requirements;
  • Ensure that budgets are drawn up for all activities, and that activities costs are kept within budgets.
  • Prepare monthly situation reports (financial and narrative) to update management on program progress achieved, program plans, changes in direction and challenges encountered.
  • Ensure that program staff provide an appropriate level of accurate progress reports and conduct detailed revision to ensure accuracy before sending it for sign-off of management.
  • Support and assist project staff and technical leads in development and implementation of appropriate monitoring systems and procedures for measuring both progress and impact.



  • Required to adhere to Oxfam’s principles and values as well as the promotion of gender justice and women’s rights
  • Understanding of and commitment to adhere to equity, diversity, gender, child safety and staff health and wellbeing principles

Qualifications & Preferred Skills



  • A minimum Masters/postgraduate university degree in business management, sustainable

development, economics, development studies, peace and conflict studies or related field;

  • Minimum 4 to 5 years’ experience in the design, implementation and management of similar post-conflict recovery and stabilization projects and activities;
  • Proven experience in applying results-based management;
  • 2-3 years of experience in project management and budget control, including experience working with implementing partners in the field of climate change and sustainable development.
  • Good Knowledge of the issues, challenges and opportunities around climate change adaptation and policy dialogue and citizen engagement for climate advocacy.
  • Demonstrable understanding of the gender dynamics,with a strong emphasis on the gendered aspects of conflict, violence and abuse
  • Strong ability to be flexible and adaptable in times of unexpected challenges and provide creative solutions, whilst maintaining the ethos and objectives of the work at all times;
  • Evidence of project cycle management experience, including strategic planning, budgeting, reporting, monitoring & evaluation;
  • Strong ability to work with diverse groups/individuals –ranging from local partners, local authorities, local community groups, the humanitarian community and the Acedemia;
  • Proven ability in staff management, donor contracting compliance & budget management;
  • Proven experience managing and working with a diverse team, to achieve results in a timely


  • Experience operating in Iraq, knowledge of unique local context and access to key stakeholders; and
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic language (written and spoken) is required.



  • Experience in building the capacity of the team internally and of external stakeholders;
  • Experience in working and jointly implementing projects involving local authorities and/or organizations as implementing partners.

Key Attributes

  1. Diplomacy, tact and negotiation skills;
  2. Good interpersonal, influencing and communication skills;
  3. Proven team leadership and ability to work independently as required;
  4. Sensitivity to cultural differences, and the ability to work in a wide variety of cultural contexts;
  5. Commitment to humanitarian principles and action.

Organizational Values

  • Accountability – Our purpose-driven, results-focused approach means we take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable. We believe that others should also be held accountable for their actions.
  • Empowerment – Our approach means that everyone involved with Oxfam, from our staff and supporters to people living in poverty, should feel they can make change happen.
  • Inclusiveness – We are open to everyone and embrace diversity. We believe everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of visible and invisible differences.

At Oxfam, our job descriptions provide a guide to what might be expected in the role. Along with our strategy, the job profile is used to help to shape specific objectives for employees. Employees are supported to deliver these objectives and they are annually assessed against them as part of the Oxfam performance review process. This job profile is not incorporated into the employment contract.


Behavioral competencies (based on Oxfam’s Leadership Model)



Practice Category

Leadership Practice




We are able to develop a high degree of self-awareness around our own strengths and weaknesses and our impact on others. Our self-awareness enables us to moderate and self-regulate our behaviours to control and channel our impulses for good purposes.  We self-moderate appropriately to different context thereby optimizing our ability to achieve goals.


We put ‘we’ before ‘me’ and place an emphasis on the power of the collective, nurture the team and play to the strengths of each individual. We are not concerned with hierarchical power, and we engage with, trust and value the knowledge and expertise of others across all levels of the organisation.  We work to achieve goals together not just individually.

Seeing the ‘big picture’

Vision Setting

We have the ability to identify and lead visionary initiatives that are beneficial for our organisation and we set high-level direction through a visioning process that engages the organisation and diverse external stakeholders. Clarity in our communication of vision allows others to focus on delivery and their contribution to the wider changes we seek.

Systems Thinking

We view problems as parts of an overall system and our contributions to change in relation to the whole system, rather than reacting to a specific part, outcome or event in isolation. We focus on cyclical rather than linear cause and effect. By consistently practicing systems thinking we are aware of and manage intended and unintended consequences of organisational decisions and actions.

Strategic Thinking and Judgment

We use judgment, weighing risk against the imperative to act. We make decisions consistent with organisational strategies and values

Agility, Complexity, and Ambiguity

We scan the environment, anticipate changes, are comfortable with lack of clarity and deal with a large number of elements interacting in diverse and unpredictable ways. We develop strategies to maximise adaptability and agility, encourage forward thinking, new ideas and learning from experience.

Relationship Skills



We are good active listeners who can see where deeper levels of thoughts and tacit assumptions differ. Our messages to others are clear, and consider different preferences.


We have the ability to engage with diverse stakeholders in a way that leads to increased impact for the organisation We spot opportunities to influence effectively and where there are no opportunities we have the ability to create them in a respectful and impactful manner.

Relationship Building

We understand the importance of building relationship, within and outside the organisation. We have the ability to engage with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders in ways that lead to increased impact for the organisation.



We all work to effectively empower and enable others to deliver the organisations goals through creating conditions of success. We passionately invest in others by developing their careers, not only their skills for the job.  We give more freedom and demonstrate belief and trust, underpinned with appropriate support.

Ability to Deliver results

Mutual Accountability

We can explain our decisions and how we have taken them based on our organisational values.  We are ready to be held to account for our actions and how we behave, as we are also holding others to account in a consistent manner.


We are comfortable to make transparent decisions and to adapt decision-making modes to the context and needs. We recognize that decisions may not always lead to the results we seek but enable us to continually learn and improve.


How To Apply


How to apply:


As part of your online application, please upload your up-to-date CV and Cover Letter explaining your suitability against the essential criteria in the job profile.  

Only shortlisted applicants will be shortlisted:



To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your email/cover letter where ( you saw this job posting.