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RFP_010_2024_National Service Provider improvement of building of Wi-Fi networks

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United Nations Development Programme


Introduction :


The Strengthening Capacity and Effectiveness of the People’s Assemblies System in Laos (STEPS) Project is a five-year initiative (2022-2026) implemented by UNDP, together with the National Assembly (NA) and Provincial People’s Assemblies (PPA), with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The overall goal of STEPS is to strengthen capacity of the legislature in Laos to effectively represent, engage and respond to citizen’s needs. The project will support the national and provincial assemblies (members, technical committees and staff) in enhancing their mandates and ability to revise and approve legislation, monitor implementation of the country socio-economic development plan and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), better analyse societal concerns and communicate with citizens, and enhance the overall accountability and transparency system.

Assessment of the state of ICT at the PPAs

As part of the STEPS project a comprehensive assessment of the state of ICT at the PPAs was conducted, and an overall ICT Development Strategy formulated for the PPAs, identifying options for ICT development and potential synergies and areas for cooperation among PPAs, and between the PPAs and the National Assembly. The current state of ICT at the PPAs can be characterized as limiting, in that there is:

          limited basic ICT infrastructure and equipment;

          no dedicated IT staff, or unit, nor a dedicated ICT budget;

          information management that is all desktop-based  (and not centralized on a shared server architectures) and risk of vulnerable to data loss (e.g. because of viruses);

Improvement of the Wi-Fi network at the PPAs

Moving forward and closing the gap the UNDP STEPS project is supporting the PPAs in establishing a better office network infrastructure to allow it to achieve higher levels of digital information management, internal productivity and efficiencies.

A first stocktaking and analysis of the connectivity determined that the following Wi-Fi network devices are required per PPA:

          WAN load balancers;

          Wireless controllers;

          POE (Power over Ethernet) switches;

          High and Normal spec Wi-Fi Access Points

The table below lists the required installation of each of these components at the different PPAs. It should be noted that not all PPAs are of similar building size, hence some PPAs require more / less components. The line item A specifies the total number of components to be installed on site, while line item B specifies the needed spare components, in case during the installation additional items will be needed – as the local onsite assessment will determine

Scope of Works

The national service provider will work under the direct supervision of the STEPS Chief Technical Specialist and Project Manager in consultation with the STEPS expert ICT team. Further, it will work together with the STEPS Project staff, UNDP Lao Governance Unit Team, National Assembly and Provincial People’s Assembly ICT focal points.

The successful national service provider will be expected to be responsible for the following:

Deliverable 1: Delivery of the hardware network components
Deliverable 2: Delivery of upgraded Wi-Fi network at each PPA

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Deadline :

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